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Genealogy can be very addictive and with the use of the internet and more accessible information, tracing one’s genealogy has become simplified.  Much of the following information was either handed down from generation to generation, making contact with relatives, or finding internet connections.  By making my assembled family information available, I hope to make contact with distant relatives.  Someone, somewhere, is searching for this information.

My name is Vickie DeJong and I live in Pierce, Nebraska with my family.  My maternal family roots parallel those of the City of Pierce, established in 1871; as my Great Great Grandparents Albert and Maria Breyer and Heinrich and Dorothea Buckendahl were among the first settlers to Pierce County.

My paternal family roots are in Wayne County, Nebraska.  My Great Grandfather was sold land along the proposed railroad in Wayne County near the Wayne County seat of LaPorte.  The railroad bypassed LaPorte and the county seat was moved to Wayne. LaPorte became nonexistent.

Each of my families have very diversed family backgrounds make each family unique.  Please read a short biography of each family and follow a link to several generations of family members.  Maybe you are a descendent!


 Lucas and Rosina Herbolsheimer Family
Circa 1893
Front Row:  Rose, Rosina, John, Lucas, Henry
Middle Row:  Ludwig, Bill, Fred
Back Row:  Katherine, Elizabeth, George, Barbara, Christ, Mary

Lucas Fredrich Herbolsheimer was born in Schmalnbach, Mittelfranken, Bayern, Germany on May 29, 1838 to Johann Sebastian Herboldsheimer and Eva Barbara Schulein.  He had 16 brothers and sisters.  He came to the United States in 1869 settling in Illinois.  Lucas had two brothers that also came to America, George Leonard who settled in New York City in about the year 1850 and Johann Leonard Sebastian who settled in Illinois.

Rosina Stanzel was born in Germany on May 7, 1847.  She had at least one sister, Anna, who immigrated to the United States.  Anna had married Peter Eick.

In May 1870 Lucas and Rosina were united in marriage in Bureau County, Illinois.  They spent the first five years of their marriage near Peoria, Illinois before moving in 1875 to Carroll County, Iowa.  They lived there for 17 years and moved to Pierce County, Nebraska in 1892 settling on a farm three miles east of Pierce.  They were the parents of twelve children, five daughters and seven sons, all of whom survived to adulthood.

Rosina died on October 11, 1903 of cancer.  She was of the Catholic faith and changed to Lutheran on her death bed.  Lucas died in the Methodist Hospital in Omaha on February 3, 1909 from a heart attack.  Both are buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery east of Pierce.


Albert and Maria Breyer

Albert Breyer was born at Berlin, Germany on August 5, 1842.  He immigrated to Rock County, Wisconsin in 1867.

Maria Korth was born in Germany on September 14, 1840.  In approximately 1866 she immigrated to Lebanon, Dodge County, Wisconsin with her parents, siblings and her young son Richard.

In 1870 Albert and Mary were married in Wisconsin and Mary's son took the Breyer name.  Immediately following their marriage the family moved to Pierce County, Nebraska settling approximately six miles east of Pierce and started farming.  Albert and Mary were the parents of 11 children, of which only five survived into adulthood.  Of the six children to die in childhood, five died between November 29 and December 8, 1879 of diphtheria.  They are buried in common graves at St. John's Lutheran Church cemetery.  The family were chartered members of St. John's Lutheran Church, with Albert conducting early church services and school teaching.

A tragedy occurred in the family when in September 1902, Albert and his daughter Anna, were murdered by Anna's ex-husband, Gotlieb Neigenfind.  Gotlieb as found guilty of murder and was put to death at the Nebraska State Penitentiary.   Albert and Anna are buried at St. John's cemetery.  Mary died June 9, 1914 and is also buried at St. John's Lutheran Church.



I'm looking for a family picture of the Buckendahls & Warneke's -- If you have one please contact me.

Heinrich Chris Buckendahl was born January 1, 1837 at Hanover, Germany.  Dorothea Warneke was born on August 6, 1840 at Dreyling, Hanover, Germany to Heinrich Warnecke and Catherine Holst.  Heinrich and Dorothea were married in Germany in 1864.

They immigrated to the United States in 1870 and homesteaded six miles east of Pierce, Nebraska.  The Buckendahl's, along with Dorothea's brothers, Wilhelm Warneke and Heinrich Warneke and his wife Maria Augusta (Petz) all arrived together to be some of the first settlers in Pierce County.  The families came from Germany to New York City aboard the ship Hammonia.  They then made the trip from New York City to Omaha by train and rode in a covered wagon to Pierce County.  They told of the Ponca Indians and their campground east of the homestead.

The families were very instrumental in the founding and development of St. John's Lutheran Church near Pierce.  Heinrich died on March 10, 1922 and Dorothea died September 12, 1914.  Both are buried at Zion Lutheran Cemetery, east of Pierce.


 K. Henry and Wilhelmina Meyer Family
Circa 1900
Front Row:  Henry, Ernest, Emil, Emma, Wilhelmina
Back Row:  William, Fred

K. Henry Meyer was born on March 7, 1852 at Oldenburg, Germany to Chritoph and Sophia (Thomsmann?) Meyer. His parents died when he was young and he and his sister, Johanna, were raised in an orphanage.  He became a sailor for the Germany Navy and sailed around the world several times.

Wilhelmina Ernestina Hagen  was born on April 10, 1860 to Chris and Anna (Peters) Hagen.  She to was raised in the same orphanage as Henry.

Henry came to Mineola, Iowa in the spring of 1883 and worked as a hired hand for Fred Bichel.  When Fred moved to Wayne County, Nebraska, Henry came with him.  In the spring of 1885 Henry established his own farm near the town of LaPorte.  He sent for Wilhelmina and they were married on June 13, 1887.  They were the parents of six children.

In 1894 Henry sent for his sister Johanna, her husband John Grimm, and their five children; to live in Nebraska.

Henry died on February 23, 1933 and Wilhelmina died on July 3, 1946.  Both are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Wayne, Nebraska.  Johanna and John Grimm are also buried at Greenwood Cemetery.


Detlof Doose Family
Back:  Bertha, Lena, Maggie, Emma
Front:  Herman, Dora, Anna, Carl
Circa 1906

Detlof M. Doose was born on September 11, 1833 at Kiel, Germany.  His mother, father, two sisters and one brother died within a short time of each other from diphtheria.  Detlof and his sister, Dorothea, were small and were reared by their Grandparents.

Detlof married Katherine Dohrman.  His sister, Dorothea, married Katherine's brother, Hans.  Detlof and Katherine were the parents of four daughters.  In approximately 1870 Detlof and his two older daughters sailed from Germany on the ship Hammonia and eventually settled in Mineola, Mills County, Iowa.  Detlof worked in the Mineola brick yard and built a hotel and saloon in the early 1880's.  Meanwhile in Germany, his wife Katherine died and friends brought the younger daughters to join the rest of the family in Iowa.

Louise M. Chrestin was born on September 21, 1852 at Stiogen, Lubeck, Germany.  Her parents were Ernest Chrestin and Amalie Block.  She had five brothers and two sisters.  Louise came to Mineola, Iowa around 1880 to be with her younger sister, Bertha who was married Fred Bichel.

On January 13, 1882, Detlof and Louise were married at Mineola.  Detlof purchased land in Wayne County, Nebraska and in 1883 they traveled to the county seat of Wayne County, LaPorte, and became a farmer.  Detlof and Louise were the parents of two sons and two daughters.

Louise died on March 7, 1903 and Detlof died on July 18, 1906.  Both are buried at St. Pauls Lutheran Church cemetery (LaPorte), south of Wakefield, Nebraska.


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