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Business Services
Telephone Services
Telephone Line - Installation Fee $20.00.
Business Telephone $22.90
Pierce Long Distance Plan**
Combine multiple Long Distance Plans to get a package that is right for you.
Pierce Simple 50 $6.00
Pierce Simple 100 $10.00
Pierce Simple 200 $18.00
Pierce Simple 500 $40.00
Toll Free Number 7¢/min.
Wire Guard $2.00
Calling Features
Auto Recall $2.50
Auto Call Back $2.50
Call Forward $1.50
Call Waiting $2.50
Caller ID (Number Only) $1.50
Calling Name (Name Only) $3.00
Distinctive Ring $4.00
Selective Call Acceptance $2.50
Selective Call Forwarding $2.50
Selective Call Rejection $2.50
Speed Calling $1.75
Three-Way Calling $1.50
Voicemail (Non-Bundled) $4.00
  Contact for specialized Voicemail.
No Long Distance - TDN $1.00
Call Authorization Code $5.00
900 Block FREE
Collect Call Block FREE
International Block FREE
Free Bank / Credit Card Pay FREE
Internet Services
DSL (Business) without any other services. $71.60
  (Required - 8 alphanumeric.)
WiFi Network Name:

WiFi Password:
A Internet Protocol (IP) address can be assigned on a static (fixed) basis.
Static IP $10.00

A Username and Password must be chosen to authenticate in our server.

Server Access Username:

Server Access Password:
Email Accounts
Leave blank if not needed.
1) Username:

2) Username:

3) Username:

Junk Email Filtering

Included with each email account.

Standard Equiptment***
Modem/Router (1-time) $99.00
Modem/Router Rental (per mo.) $10.00
TV Services
Call for TV Bundles.
Including Local Channels
36 SD Channels
+ 63 HD Channels
+ Essential Package
+ Free HD
Including Local Channels
Expanded Plus
49 SD Channels
+ 24 HD Channels
+ Essential Package
+ Expanded Package
+ Free HD
+ Music
Including Local Channels
Movie Channels
Starz/Encore $12.95
Showtime/TMC $15.95
Cinemax $15.95
HBO $19.95
Hispanic $9.95
Equipment Charges
A Set Top Box is required for each Television Set. No equipment is required to be purchased. Choose the Set Top Box type and number needed to rent each month.
Standard Set Top Box $5.00
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) $10.00
Jack Install (First free, TV only) $50
Installation Charge
24-Month Minimum Service Contract FREE
No Contract $281
Mandated Charges
Interstate Access
    Single Multi
    $6.50 $9.20
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* All rates do not include Connection Fee, Tax, Universal Service, FCC charges, E911 charges, DSL one-time charges or equipment, or other toll calls. Discounts take effect on the first day of the next billing cycle. Customer must maintain all product listed in selected bundle to qualify for the monthly discount. ** Customer must be picked to Pierce Long Distance for both in-state & out-state carriers to qualify. Rates are figured at 10¢/min and 15¢/min in-state after plan.

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