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Why Take BluStream Cable?

Better Customer Viewing Experience

BluStream is looking into the future to provide our customers with the most up to date technologies! IPTV is one of those technologies. Stay tuned for new changes that will enhance your entertainment experience with BluStream.

Local Support & Customer Service

With BluStream you will have access to a live local person if you should ever have a problem or need to call in to our office.

HD Channels

Ever wonder what the buzz is about HD? Find out with BluStream's new IPTV system, enjoy HD with a crystal clear picture. The locals are even in HD - and HD is FREE when you have either of the Expanded packages!

Click Here to See the Channel Line Up!

TV, Internet, & Phone Bundles


(18 Channels including Local Channels)


(36 SD + 63 HD Channels Plus Essential FREE HD & Local Channels)


(49 SD + 24 HD Channels Plus Essential, Expanded, Music, FREE HD & Local Channels)

Each package price includes:

  • Local Phone / Features
  • Residential Internet
  • Unlimited Long Distance

Set Top Boxes / DVR Boxes are not included in this price. See Equipment for pricing.
A 24 Month Minimum Contract is Required for BluStream.
All prices are subject to applicable taxes and fees. Prices are subject to change.

Set Top Box $5.00/mo
Each TV in the house will have to have either an STB or DVR to receive our cable TV.  
DVR $10.00/mo
Each TV in the house will have to have either an STB or DVR to receive our cable TV.  
PREMIUM channels
Starz / Encore $12.95
Showtime / TMC $15.95
HBO $19.95
Cinemax $15.95
Hispanic $9.95

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to have a landline telephone and Internet to have IPTV?
Yes. Customers do need to have a landline phone and Internet to have our IPTV service.
What does an installation require to receive IPTV?
Each TV will need to have a Set Top Box (STB) to receive the signal.
Can we keep our existing wiring?
No. We will be rewiring the houses with Ethernet Jacks at each TV, or we can run the house with a wireless device. We will provide the installation of the first jack for free , but any additional jacks that need to be installed will be $50.00 per jack.



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