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   Our WESTERN SILHOUETTES are all hand-cut using a plasma cutter out of 14 guage sheet metal!  Our patterns are personally designed and detailed!  We take pride in bringing you top quality hand-crafted artistry!  Each individual piece is free-standing and gorgeously accents any shelf, mantle, window-sill, or wall inside your home.  Outside, they are very durable and easily mount on fences, gates, mailboxes, deck railings, or above any type of doorway such as your garage or barn door!  These are only a handful of locations they can be placed - the possibilities are endless!  They make a great gift for that special person who is hard to buy for!    

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            CALF ROPER - $40.00                                  BARREL RACER - $30.00

            17.25"W x 9.5"H                                              15"W x 11"H




            TEAM ROPER - $40.00                                COW/ DOG/ RIDER - $40.00

            24.75"W x 9"H                                                 26"W x 9.5"H




   FISHING - $40.00                                          HUNTING - $40.00

   18"W x 11.5"H                                                 23.5"W x 11"H




    BAREBACK BRONC - $30.00                      BUFFALO - $30.00

    14"W x 12"H                                                     15"W x 9.25"H




   BUGGY - $40.00                                             BULL - $30.00 

             25"W x 12"H                                                    14.5"W x 8.75"H



            BULL RIDER - $30.00                                   DEER - $30.00

            12"W x 13"H                                                     13.5"W x 13"H



            newcattledrive.jpg (11689 bytes)                                newcattledrive2.jpg (11726 bytes)

                             CATTLE DRIVE SILHOUETTE - $130.00              

                           8 Feet Wide x 20"H Windmill x 13.5"H Tree/

rest sized proportionally

(has real barb-wire)



                 Shorter version CATTLE DRIVE SILHOUETTE - $80.00              

                              3 Feet Wide x 14"H Windmill x 10"H Tree/

rest sized proportionally

(with or without base - mount on wall without base/

or free standing to attach down with base)




   BORDER COLLIE - $30.00                           SHEEP AND DOG - $30.00

   16.75"W x 6.5"H                                                19"W x 7"H




           CATTLE & DOG - $30.00                              HANDLER & DOG - $30.00




            END OF THE TRAIL - $30.00                       PLEASURE HORSE - $30.00

            14.25"W x 12"H                                                 14"W x 13"H




            HORSESHOER - $30.00                                MARE AND FOAL - $30.00

            20.75"W x 8.25"H                                             18"W x 7.5"H




            MULE AND RIDER - $30.00                       CUTTING HORSE - $30.00

            12.5"W x 13.25"H                                            16.5"W x 8.75"H




            CUTTER/ SIDE VIEW - $30.00                    RACE HORSE - $30.00

            16.5"W x 8.75"H                                               16.5"W x 8.75"H




            REINER - $30.00                                           SADDLE BRONC - $30.00

            12"W x 10"H                                                    12"W x 12.5"H




            4-Wheeler and Cattle - $40.00                      SPRING WAGON - $40.00

                                                                                     27"W x 11.5"H



                                           newwindmill.jpg (9498 bytes)

            STEER WRESTLER - $30.00                       WINDMILL - $40.00

            17"W x 10"H                                                     12"W x 20"H                      



            newteampenner.jpg (8830 bytes)                             

            TEAM PENNER - $75.00                             COW/ CALF/ RIDER - $40.00

            30"W x 10"H                                                    26"W x 9.5"H



                                      newquarterhorse.jpg (5714 bytes)

            GOAT TYING - $40.00                                    QUARTER HORSE - $30.00 

            21.5"W x 9"H                                                     13.5"W x 10.5"H 




  BUGLING ELK - $30.00                                    OUTHOUSE - $40.00



   newelk.jpg (8241 bytes)

   STANDING ELK - $30.00

   13"W x 15"H                                               


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