DSL Terms of Use Agreement

Provision of PTCNET's DSL Service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Customers may not resell or in any other way provide DSL Service access to parties not physically located on customer premises without prior knowledge and consent of PTCNET.
  2. Customers may not use any connection or transmission device to permit access to PTCNET's DSL Service by any third party not physically located on customer premises.
  3. Customers may not connect computers to PTCNET's network for the purpose of serving web pages, FTP sites, or e-mail services to Internet users not physically located on customer premises.
  4. Customers understand that PTCNET's DSL Service is unsecured and may allow access from elsewhere on the Internet to any computer customer has connected to PTCNET's network. PTCNET strongly suggests that customers consider some form of firewall protection between their computers and PTCNET's network.
  5. Customers understand that PTCNET does not guarantee static or live IP addresses as part of its standard DSL Service offering.
  6. Customers understand that PTCNET is unable to troubleshoot customer network problems, including, without limitation, network interface cards, cabling, firewalls, and issues relating to network configuration.
  7. Customers agree at all times to abide by the PTCNET Acceptable Use Policy found here.
  8. Customers understand that PTCNET makes every effort to keep its system in service at all times, but a certain small per percentage of outage time is unavoidable.