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Mark and Traci Christensen
TLC Labradors
57088 - 832 Road
Stanton, Nebraska 68779

TLC Labradors  - Letters 
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Here are a few letters and photos from our customers who have purchased dogs from us.  We feel that they have a lot to say!  If you have purchased a TLC LABRADOR puppy, and would like to send us a photo or letter please do so, we love to receive them! 
August 2007

i! Just wanted to tell you about the puppy we bought from you in Dec. 2004. We bought a female yellow lab from TLC's Ripple in the Water and Copper Karma's litter. She's a great hunting dog and house companion. She's definitely a spoiled part of the family.

I've been gaining more and more interest in HRC hunt tests and she earned her HR title this past July and is off to the finished level next year. Our main focus is hunting though and she loves retrieving ducks and geese. I attached a few photos of her. She a wonderful dog and part of the family. Thank you!

Chad Weber

TLC's Decoy in the Water



JULY 13, 2007

Dear Mark and Traci: Just wanted to give you an update on Rock. He is really something, tho WAY too smart! Now about 4 1/2 months old, loves the water(retrieves better on water than on land--assume it's the distractions on land), and is chewing everything in sight!

He's an absolutely beautiful pup, with long,long legs and a coat that has people asking me if I "oil" it! He absolutely gleams and the intelligence in his eyes is amazing. He hits the water like he's 2 and can't get to the bumper fast enough!

Just thought I'd send you a little update and to let you know how happy I am with my TLC pup! Use me for recommendation ANYTIME!! If I can get Katie geared up, we'll try to send you pix of probably the prettiest pup you've ever sold!!!

Thanx again!



January 2007


Just wanted to update you on TLC's Emma's Chase JH, pup out of TLC's Tri R Brody and Rainwater's Miss Brandy. Emma has completed her JH test requirements, and has three SH test passes.

I'm confident she will complete the SH test leg this spring and we will immediately move to the MH tests series.  It has taken me a little longer then I expected to get her SH/MH test qualified, rest assured it is not Emma that has caused the delay. I spent over a year and a half in Iraq, which put a major dent in my ability to get to all to the hunt tests.  Further, we have moved three times over the past four years, so hopping around trying to find hunt tests and training partners/groups has also taken some time. Luckily, entry express has made finding hunt tests in a new area much easier...So this spring we should have a chance to finish her off, before I move again.

She is a great hunting dog, and a great friend who is at home in the house, on the line or in the duck blind. A true testament to your careful breeding and excellent development of a quality pedigree.

Hope this helps your web site, saw you have a pedigree page so wanted to update you.

Gordie Flowers

Our season opened here today in a downpour! The weather broke for a little while this afternoon, and Charlie and I went out without the other dogs for the FIRST TIME. We got our limit in 70 minutes on totally wild birds. One of these was a cripple that went into the creek and buried up under weeds on the other side. Without her I would never have found it. Thanks again for such a great dog and friend!

Have a wonderful season and God bless!

Samuel Smith
Dylan x Chase pup


Hi Traci,

Thought you might enjoy seeing Buddy's latest retrieve. He was so proud!!!! The ducks have not yet migrated this year but the Swans are in. He got his first Swan.

Have a great Holiday Season,

Janelle Davis and Buddy

(click photo to enlarge)


Mark and Traci,

I'm sitting next to the world's happiest, content, and most beautiful pup. I certainly hope to see see the two of you more often then every nine years, because every visit leaves me feeling like I just robbed you blind. What INCREDIBLE DOGS!!!!! I've named my new family member Bailey. Her color is identical to Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur. She and Sierra (my 9yr old lab from you) slept side-by-side for several hours today. I think they know that they have something in common. Bailey seems very content with her new surroundings and enjoys chewing on Sierra's tale (Sierra could care less). Thanks again for the wonderful service. I really wanted a pup last fall, but feel very fortunate to have waited the extra year to end up with this "world-class" dog.

Thomas Vondra


Dear TLC,
      Well I got Duck from you a year an a half ago and he is just great he was hunting and retrieving at 6 months, everyone said not to expect to much out of him his first year since he was only 4 months old when season opened,Duck well we went two months without seeing any birds here in western Nebraska so I took him to the east around Hastings and got him into some birds. and he was great by the end of season he had 35 retrieved and three times as many flushes. This year he's ever better at  1 and a half years old people are just amazed at him. I don't duck hunt much but I took him out once this year and my friends were just amazed at him, having never duck hunted we killed 6 birds and a goose and never had to get in the water he even went under searching for the goose and came up with it.
    He is first my best friend and then my best hunting companion. He's spoiled rotten. Any ways we are thinking about getting a black female, but I'm not sure as to how Duck will take to that he is very jealous I can't even be on the phone with out him wanting my attention. I was wondering if someday (after it warmed up, and you had puppies if we might drop by and let him take a look at them and see how he does?, We don't have much for good bleeders out this way alot of backyard breeders whom I don't trust....After Duck I believe breeding might just be a science.  I would love a female just like him. (I just don't know if my lap is big enough for two dogs).  I'll enclose a photo of Duck, he's a great boy.
  Well, thank you for a great friend, I look forward to see you guys again and maybe getting another puppy from you.  Thank you so much
Brad - 1/14/05



Mark & Traci,

My family is completely blessed to have purchased one of Charlie and Herbie puppies.

Our dog “Chester” is a great all around pet, as a worker in the field and as a companion for our family.

Your 4 month training program was well worth the money. When I got Chester back after his training, I was completely amazed with his hunting abilities and what a 14 month old pup could actually do. I run a pheasant hunting operation here in South Dakota, so I needed a well trained dog and I got just that! When guiding this last fall, the hunters couldn’t believe he was only 15 months old, smart, disciplined, and full of energy.

Hunters shot more than 250 pheasants over Chester this fall and he loved retrieving every one of them.

 As you can tell I am completely satisfied with this dog and I will be in touch with you about getting another one.

Talis Johnson, Lakodia Outfitters

Chester (click to enlarge)

I have a dog out of your  kennel.  TLC'S KAMIKAZE'S APOLLO.  This has got to be the  best bird dog I have ever hunted with. From dove, duck, goose pheasant, and quail, he is a water dog deluxe and one of the best upland dogs to ever hit my  area.  I could have sold this dog a hundred times.  Enough bragging, you know what I'm talking about!  I'm looking  for a female kennel mate and girlfriend for Apollo.  I would love to breed him and retain his qualities in his puppies.  I thought you may have puppies with his qualities and brains.  Thank You.

Randy. Irwin


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